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Frequently Asked Questions

False alarms waste City and police resources as well as taxpayer dollars. Additionally, they endanger public safety by diverting law enforcement from responding to actual criminal activity. Ordinance 6-05 addresses the drain on City resources created when the City is forced to respond to numerous false alarms.

False alarm means an alarm dispatch request resulting in the responding officer finding no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense after having completed a timely investigation of the alarm site.

Yes. If you have an active alarm system, monitored or audible, you are required under El Cerrito Ordinance 06-05 to have a registered alarm. If you have multiple alarm systems, each alarm system must be registered.

Yes. If you are a new owner of an alarm system, you are required to register your alarm. Registered alarms are not transferrable.

Yes. Anytime there is a change in ownership of the alarm system, a new alarm registration is required.

Your  alarm registration is valid for 2 years. When a change of ownership in the alarm system occurs, the new owner is required to register the alarm.

Initial alarm registration: $35.00.

Alarm permits are renewed every TWO years: $19.00

Alarm permits are renewed every TWO years: $19.00

Permit holders are given one false alarm response within a 365 day period at no charge. A fine is charged for all false alarms thereafter.

Police Alarms1st False Alarm
in 365 day period
False Alarm 2-5
in 365 day period

False Alarm 6+

in 365 day period

No charge$92.00$198.00 

Yes. El Cerrito enacted an ordinance which requires all private residence and business owners with alarm systems to register their alarms and reimburse the City for excessive false alarms.

*Submit a written request/statement as to why you feel the charge and/or occurrence should be waived or removed from your account, along with any supporting documentation (police reports, alarm company documentation, etc)

*Submit via email using the Contact Us page.

*Be sure to include Permit License #, alarm location address, and incident date(s) in question. 

*Submit within fifteen (15) calendar days of the notice imposing the charge.

If there is no longer active alarm service in your name at this location please notify us in writing by sending an email to with the date of cancellation and the alarm company of record.